Exterior decoration of coach house

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Exterior of reflections in Worthing before being decorated by alldaypropertymaintenance, The outside was in a bad condition so had to be thouroughly cleaned by means of pressure washing. All cracks were filled and all woodwork was washed , Sanded and prepared before decorating could start.IMG_0029IMG_0027

Here are the pictures after the building had been decorated , All walls were painted using dulux trade weathersheild, the first coat was diluted to seal the walls and we then painted all the walls again using 2 full coats . The woodwork was spot primed using dulux weathershield primer undercoat, And then painted with 1 coat of dulux trade weathersheild undercoat and finished with dulux trade weathershield gloss which completed the painting and decorating of the coach house in Worthing.IMG_0070IMG_0068